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Books, DVDs Plus Other Grown Up Products
Strictly For Adults Only



This blog is for all Grown Up people, that is, guys and girls over the age of eighteen.

As you scroll down the page I'm sure that you will find some things which will be of interest, well they are things that I enjoy!

You'll find Grown Up books, DVDs and all sorts of other sexy bits and pieces.

Enjoy life, have fun.


Notes from Jaynes Diary ...

I enjoy sex so it's a thing I like to talk about, especially with my girlfriends. Recently we've been discussing sex toys, by this I mean vibrators and dildos. Funnily enough we all admitted to having at least one. I've got three myself, though one of them I don't use very often. I, erm, find it a little (okay a lot) too big. It's called a John Holmes ultra realsitic cock. An ex boyfriend got it for me, goodness knows what he was thinking!

The dildo is molded as a replica of the porn star, John Holme's, penis. It's measurements are: 12.5" long, 10" from the tip to the balls, 2.75" in diameter and 8" circumference. It has a suction cup base. As it was a gift I felt obliged to try it out but, to be honest, I prefer something a little smaller.

There's a blog that carries out tests on sex toys, aptly called Sex Toy Test. The same writer has another blog Sex Toys In Action. This has photos of girls using various vibrators and dildos, so it's very explicit. I think the writer, Samantha, has a bit of a fetish about such things!

If you are interested in sex toys try out the Sex Toy Warehouse. Their prices seem to be reasonable and they have all sorts of sexual goodies to please most sexually active people.

Nearly forgot, if you like to see girls on webcams who use sex toys click here to see a selction of girl's photos. If you prefer adult chat rooms pay a visit here.

If you fancy some stimulation you must read Kay's blog, My Voyage Of Sexual Discovery. It has some excellent, well written, erotic stories. Must say that I've spent a happy hour on this blog. Kay also has another blog called My Sexual Diary.

For porn photos I quite like the websites that you can join for free such as Free Amateur Porn, Join For Free Porn, Russian Girls, Naughty Wives For Free, Mature Sex For Free and Orgasms For Free. All that is required, to see the porn on these websites, is any current email address. Note that a credit card is not needed.

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